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The first microcomputer DSS in China: Jinan-Tai’an


The first microcomputer CTC system:Hami–Liuyuan

The first VPI computer interlocking system for main line railway:Honghai Station


The first major project after introducing foreign investment to China railway: Beijing-Kowloon Railway


The first DMIS:Jinan Railway Bureau


FZk-CTC and MMS for the first plateau railway:Qinghai-Tibet Railway

The first TDCS project with whole bureau covered: Lanzhou Railway Bureau


The first FZk-CTC in China railway: Xining-Ha’ergai section of Qinghai-Tibet Railway


The first 2oo2×2 iLOCK computer interlocking system with independent intellectual property rights:Shanghai South Railway Station


The first FZk-CTC for busy main line railway:Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway


The first FZk-CTC/MMS with C2 standard:Hefei-Nanjing Passenger Dedicated Line


The first FZk-CTC with C3 standard:Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line


The first TDCS3.0 system in China railway:Ningwu Station in Taiyuan Railway Bureau


FZk-CTC and CSM-KA for the first high-speed plateau railway: Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway


FZk-CTC and C2+ATO train control system for Dongguan-Huizhou Line of Pearl River Delta Intercity Railway, the first C2+ATO intercity railway in China


The first CTC3.0 system for normal-speed railway: Hekounan Station in Lanzhou Railway Bureau


The first CTC3.0 system for high-speed railway: Shanghai West Station in Shanghai Railway Bureau


The first automatic line in China:Shanghai Line 1


The first independent ATS in China:Shanghai Line 3


The first localized 2oo2×2 computer interlocking system:Shanghai South Railway Station


The first CBTC system and the first renovated metro line in China: Beijing Line 2


The first line applying TIAS system: Beijing Line 6


The first time that China’s independent train control system goes abroad:Ethiopia Addis Ababa LRT


The first FAO line: Shanghai Line 10

The first CBTC line with 4G LTE technology in operation: Wuhan Line 6


The first tram project with deeply integrated weak current systems: Shenzhen Longhua Tram

The first metro signal renovation with original signal mechanism remained: Shanghai Line 1 Renovation

The first line with independent signaling solution in Shanghai: Shanghai Line 17


The first tram with SIL2 safety level: Chengdu Tram 2


  • 2015

    Self-developed iLOCK-E full-electronic computer interlocking system for THANALENG station in Laos, which is the first such system that has gone abroad
    The latest ATS system developed independently for Sydney line in Australia, beginning the export of Chinese rail transit signaling system to developed countries
    FZk-CTC system for Djibouti Railway

  • 2014

    ATC onboard device was brought into Alstom’s global sourcing and successfully applied to projects in Korea and India, blazing a new trail for CASCO products to go global
    Independent TRANAVI train control system for Ethiopia Addis Ababa LRT, making the breakthrough from the export of subsystem to a total solution and TRANAVI has thus become the first Chinese independent train control system solution that went abroad

  • 2013

    VPI computer interlocking system for Abuja- Kaduna railway in Nigeria, which is the first railway that fully applied Chinese standard

  • 2009

    2oo2×2 computer interlocking system for Uzbekistan, realizing the export breakthrough of China’s independent 2oo2×2 computer interlocking

  • 1996

    Completed the innovation, R&D and export of automatic train supervision system (ATS), which is the first time that China’s ATS went abroad



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