CASCO Helps the Opening of Five Metro Lines as a Tribute to our Motherland

29 Sep 2019

In September, Zhengzhou Metro Line 14 Phase I, Wuhan Metro Line 24, Shenzhen Metro Line 5 Phase II, Wuxi Metro Line 1 South Extension and Jinan Metro Line 3, all escorted by CASCO’s signaling system, have officially gone into operation successively. These lines are opened not only for the convenience of the people’s livelihood but also for the congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

On September 19, Zhengzhou Metro Line 14 Phase I was officially opened to carry passengers. With a total length of 7.455 km and 6 stations, it starts from Xushui Station and ends at Lianhu Station, and passengers may transfer to Metro Line 1 at Tielu Station. It is the first metro line in Zhengzhou adopting fully self-developed signaling solution and also the fourth metro line that CASCO helps Zhengzhou open following Zhengzhou Metro Line 2, Suburban Line and Metro Line 5. In this project, CASCO pioneered the application of domestic encryption technology to signaling system, making it the first metro project applying domestic encryption technology to urban rail transit signaling system in China.

Zhengzhou Metro Line 14

On September 25, Wuhan Metro Line 24 was officially open to passengers and successfully connected to Metro Line 4 for trial operation, bringing new strength and vitality into Wuhan. Extending from Huangjinkou Station of Line 4 to Bailin in Caidian, Line 24 is 16.068km long with 9 new stations. The opening of Line 24 greatly shortens the time and spatial distance between Caidian and Wuhan’s central urban area and drives the urban expansion on the axis along the line, thus leading Caidian into a new era of metro.

Wuhan Line 24

Two days later, Shenzhen Metro Line 5 Phase II, Wuxi Metro Line 1 South Extension and Jinan Metro Line 3 were opened successfully on September 28.

Shenzhen Metro Line 5 Phase II starts from Qianhaiwan Station in the north, the terminal station of the previous Metro Line 5 and ends at Chiwan Station in the south, the terminal station of Line 2. It has a total length of 7.6km and 6 new underground stations. CASCO upgraded the system for the whole line and also helped Shenzhen Metro relocate the control center, laying a more solid transportation foundation for the development of Shenzhen and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. After upgrading of the signaling system, the time interval of Line 5 has been shortened from 3.5 minutes to 2.5 minutes in peak hours, which significantly improved the citizens’ travel convenience and riding experience.

Shenzhen Metro Line 5 Phase II

Wuxi Metro Line 1 South Extension starts from Changguangxi Station of Line 1 in the north and extends southward to Nanfangquan Station. Its mainline has a full length of 5.2km and 3 underground stations in total. As the main axis of traffic in Wuxi, Line 1 carries heavy passenger flow volume in south-north direction. After its extension, the current status of traffic in south-north direction will be further improved to better promote the realization of the "southern expansion" goal of Wuxi. CASCO has equipped the line with system and general cabinets of brand-new model and adopted the indoor wiring method of new standard, making the appearance more beautiful and unified.

Opening ceremony of Wuxi Metro Line 1 South Extension

Brand-new model and technology

Located in the east of Jinan, Jinan Metro Line 3 (Line R3 Phase I Project) is a city express running in the south-north direction. About 21.6km long, this line has 13 stations and extends from Longdongzhuang Station in the south to Tantou Station in the north, passing through the Olympic Sports Center Station, Bajianbao Station and Jinandong Railway Station. As the first metro line in the eastern part of Jinan, Metro Line 3 connects multiple important urban function areas including Jinan administrative center, economic center, residential center and new east railway station, making significant influence on the urban pattern expansion and economic development of Jinan.

Jinan Metro Line 3

So far, CASCO’s CBTC signaling system has been successfully applied to 49 lines in 20 cities in China and over 1500km of lines have been in operation. CASCO is expected to help put 5 more metro lines into commercial operation by the end of 2019. By then, the total number of metro lines delivered by CASCO in 2019 will be as many as 15.

Over the past 70 uncommon years since its founding, the People’s Republic of China has boosted peace and prosperity through its development. On the colorful vast land of China, multiple metro lines are opened to celebrate its 70th anniversary. CASCO always keeps in mind the important mission of creating the most secure, efficient and sustainable travel life for the public, and presents the achievements that CASCO is proud of to the new China on its 70th birthday.

More News

01 Nov 2019

CASCO Helps Shentong Launch China’s First “5G+ Intelligent Operation Command Platform” to Better Serve the Import Expo

On the afternoon of October 31, CASCO, together with Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shentong Group”), Shanghai Telecom, Huawei, Shanghai Communications Services and other partners, launched China’s first rail transit operation management platform based on 5G applications – “5G+ Intelligent Operation Command Platform”, which is the first customized application of CASCO’s “Fully Automatic Operation System 2.0” for intelligent metros since its official release in June this year. At present, the platform has been officially put into operation at East Xujing Station of Shanghai Metro Line 2, aiming to provide intelligent rail transit service for the success of the Second China International Import Expo.

11 Oct 2019

Meizhou-Shantou Passenger Dedicated Line Officially Put in Operation, Marking the Entry of Old Revolutionary Base Area into the Era of High-speed Trains

On October 11, 2019, under the escort of several CASCO signaling systems, the passenger dedicated line from Meizhou to Chaozhou-Shantou region officially entered into passenger-carrying operation, marking that the northeastern part of Guangdong was officially integrated into the “three-hour economic and living circle” of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

10 Oct 2019

With a Team of Over a Hundred, CASCO Assists Successful “Renovation” of Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway, the First Heavy-Haul Railway in China

At 10:00 a.m. on October 9, 2019, CASCO’s FZK-CTC3.0 centralized traffic control system with complete intellectual property rights was officially put into operation for Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway, the first heavy-haul railway in China. CASCO upgraded and transformed its original CTC system and assisted the successful reconstruction of signaling system, making it the first heavy-haul railway to be overhauled and renovated in China. It has not only greatly improved the freight capacity of the railway, but also set a new benchmark in the dispatching command of busy heavy-haul freight trunk railways with a capacity of ten thousand tons.



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